FarCry 3

PC - Rating: 10/10

I was a bit hesitant to play this game. I really didn’t like FarCry 2 all that much. It was repetitive, dull and not a worthy successor to the first game. Then, I decided to give the eighties sci-fi themed expansion FarCry 3: Blood Dragon a try. That game was great, so when 3 went on sale I grabbed it hoping for the best, and, oh man, I was immediately blown away.

The first ten minutes of the game are incredible. Mind you, this is your basic tutorial sequence where you learn to crouch, sprint and look around. You are quickly introduced to the main bad guy, the dire stakes are laid out as you watch your comrades get tortured and die, and boom, in an instant you are forced into an absolutely heart-pounding, gunplay-free escape.

From there on out it’s shooting everything that moves, lighting the local fauna (and wildlife) on fire, and blowing stuff up. Yet, despite the seemingly limited variety, this works extremely well. Every outpost battle is tense, every tower climb is harrowing and even the hunting sequences are a blast.

On top of all this, there’s a real story here with interesting characters, narrative story arcs and real tension. Even the side quests are an important part of the game, as they help you gain experience and unlock some of the best weapons in the game. I loved this game and will probably keep it around as I attempt to get all the collectibles and explore every nook of the island.

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