Do you like the Rock ‘n’ Roll? Well, I do, and for whatever reasons I feel compelled to post stuff about music on the Internet. My music pages are divided into a several different sections…

Martian Law

Like every true blooded American I dream of being in a rock band and playing for millions of adoring fans. This page is devoted to my attempt at rock stardom via my “band” named Martian Law. I’ve also thrown in some stuff about my previous attempts at rock superstardom.

Der Lugomen

My college band. We played three shows then called it a career. We also happen to be label-mates with GG Allin.

Record Reviews

As a consumer, perhaps the most valuable commodity you can own is information about the products you intend to buy. Not that anyone really intends to buy a Three Stoned Men album, I’ve supplied consumer reviews of that and many other titles I own in my ever expanding record and CD collection nonetheless. It is also yet another means for you, the Internet surfer, to witness my heavy handed (and barely literate) writing style. If you don’t share my taste in music, you may want to escape to this site.

External Sites

Robert Gomez’s Unofficial Tribute to Planet Pimp Records!

Long ago, back in the dark ages of the Internet’say around 1997 or so’I put together a little tribute to one of my favorite record labels, Planet Pimp Records. Well, that Web page has just risen from the grave! Check out my Unofficial Tribute to Planet Pimp Records!


I play bass in a noisy band called Nonagon. We play shows all around Chicago and sometimes in other cities. We also have a web site: