Martian Law

Martian Law is the pseudonym under which I create my electronic music compositions. To date there have been three official Martian Law releases and one tape which doesn’t really count. I also have a cover of a Sparks song out there too on a compilation CD. Like what you hear? Visit my Bandcamp Site to purchase music and make me a star.


Follow these links to learn more about each release, listen to music or download tracks.

Martian Law - Authenticity Fetishist

Authenticity Fetishist

4 Song EP – 2018

Martian Law - Loss-Frame


5 Song EP – 2012

Martian Law - Upgrade Downgrade

Upgrade Downgrade

4 Song EP – 2001

The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133

Upgrade Downgrade

11 Song Album – 1999



CD Compilation – 2002

History (or How to form a “Band” if you Have no Friends)

During my grad school years I never linked up with anyone interested in forming a band so I had to settle with just making “basement” tapes in my apartment using my brother’s 4-track and eventually adding my computer. I guess the music is just dopey electronica. Silly, but I enjoy making it. My “band” name that I came up with for my dabblings was Martian Law.

Martian Law began as a tape of songs that I put together’ which was mostly a hodge-podge of guitar stuff, and MIDI computer stuff’and gave away as a bonus when you bought one of my wood engravings. In hindsight, this tape is pretty embarrassing, but it did contain a few numbers that I still can appreciate.

I have always liked to create music on computers. Back in the Apple ][+ days I made quite a few annoying musical ditties with The Music Construction Set and this continued into the Apple ][gs days. My software was never really sophisticated enough until I discovered tracking and mods when I upgraded to Windows 95.

After a few years of noodling around I finally had enough material to release a CDs worth of my electronic music, The Exciting Sounds of a Compaq P133. This was followed by the sonically superior Upgrade Downgrade EP and Loss-Frame EP. I also contributed a track to the Lumpenwave eighties music tribute CD. My latest release is called Authenticity Fetishist.