Web Design

I’ve been making web pages since 1995. At first it started merely as a practical way to get the work we were doing for MoonRock Software available to the masses. For over ten years I have been working in web development at Ajenda Interactive Media. At Ajenda I have helped build and design sites like The Rush Woman’s Board and ComEd.com.

Check out some of the previous encarnations of my personal site:

The Ajenda Creativity Engine

The Ajenda Creativity Engine is a self-promotional Flash animation I did for Ajenda. It won first place (category: Entertainment/Games) in Chicago’s Association for Multimedia Communication’s first annual FlashFest.

Easter Fun

An Ajenda project, Easter Fun is a great site full of fun Flash pieces. I created the main navigation piece, as well as The Bunny Trail Maze, which is a 100% JavaScript game. I also created the Stations of the Cross in Pixelvision (You can access this bit only after exiting from the main navigation). Brian Reeves made the other two fantastic and bizarre Flash pieces. Not to be missed!

Ask the Game Guru

This is our ongoing, yet rarely updated, joke page at MoonRock Software. I was going for the tech manual/line-art style with these pages.

QBob’s Homepage :: Also part of MoonRock Software’s site, this was the first site I ever designed. What you see now is only vaguely reminiscent of the first design, but maintains the space is the place feel of the game.