Why Archival Paper Is Important - Etching

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From my series about my art experiences, it’s is my favorite of the series and it’s about printmakers’ obsession with making prints that last longer than they will. I rather like the self-portrait shown in this detail (never mind that the top of the shirt doesn’t line up with the bottom):

Why Archival Paper Is Important Detail

The Printmakers vs. The Painters - Etching

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From my series about my art experiences, this print is my take on the jealousy printmakers feel against painters. In the art world, printmaking has a sort of second class status beneath painting. Sort of in the way RC Cola™ has always taken a back seat to Coca-Cola™. RC is usually cheaper, it’s not as flashy, you don’t see top celebrities endorsing it, but it tastes just as good (I’d say it’s even better) than the entrenched status-quo softdrink, Coca-Cola™. Anyways, if it were ever to come down to fisticuffs the printers would win anyway because we have sharper tools. Here’s a detail of the carnage:

The Art Critique - Etching

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In graduate school I made a series of five etching which were about art and my graduate school experiences. This image was one of the earlier ones from the series. Basically, I hate art critiques. They are boring and they bring out all sorts of cliched remarks, especially in an art school setting. This image depicts some of the stereotypes I noticed over the years The composition is ripped from a Bosch painting, Ecce Homo.