I have an MFA and I ain’t afraid to use it. Click around to find out more about my artistic endeavours.

The Gallery

I have been making prints and other art things since the early nineties. Check out some of my work in my online gallery. The gallery is sub-divided by media if you want to jump right in: paintingsrelief printsintaglio printsdrawings , digital art, and miscellaneous stuff. I am also selling my art!

Web Design

I have been in the business of creating Web sites for many years now. Here are some examples of my work as well as the evolution of the look and feel of this site.

Art Related Posts

Here where I post my art related ramblings and other arty miscellany. Also, I taught art at the college level for 3 years. If I can think of anything slightly educational I will post it here. Otherwise, think of this as my art blog, without all the annoying blogging.