Cultist - Pen and Ink Drawing

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This was the last of the ink drawings I created for the Nox Archaist game manual. At the time of this writing I don’t know whether any of these will make it in to the final printing, but we’ll see. This is supposed to be a “cultist.” I tried to make him look a little like one of the healers from The Bard’s Tale. I own a know that looks like that.

The Ettin - Pen and Ink Drawing

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Earlier this year I decided to support a Kickstarter campaign for a new Apple ][ game called Nox Archaist. It is going to be an RPG in the style of the 8-bit Ultima games. There are was a call-out for artwork submissions to be included in the manual. I decided to try and produce some drawings for the project. In the end I made about half-a-dozen pen and ink drawings of various fantasy creatures. This one was perhaps my favorite of the lot. As of this writing they were still looking for more art and, if I can find some time, I’ll try to do a few more; continuing my long-standing tradition of not being paid for my art services.

PRF Activity Book Submission - Pen and Ink Drawing

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This was a drawing I created to be part of the PRF 2015 Activity book. It was to be a book full of in-jokes and references to the bands and people of the PRF music community. There was a desperate last-minute call for submissions, so I obliged and stayed up into the wee hours of the night putting this together. Of course they didn’t use it and I feel like I completely wasted my time and energy. Oh well.

The Last Page - Pen and Ink Drawing with Digital Coloring

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Digging through some old files, I found this is a comic strip I did for the last issue of the Madison, Wisconsin art magazine, Artzine. I had previously done a few other comics for the ‘zine on while I was graduate art student in Madison, but this one I did after I moved to Chicago in the early oughts. The “Scott” in the last panel was Artzine’s editor and the current proprietor of Western Exhibitions Gallery here in Chicago, Scott Speh. This is a pen and ink drawing that was given shading and tweaked digitally.

View a close-up of the full image here.

The Coug - Pencil Drawing

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This is a drawing from my sketchbook that I did when I probably should have been working. John “Cougar” Mellencamp as a vigilante hero. We went hunting for The Coug when we visited Bloomington, Indiana several years ago and spotted him zooming by in a convertible Porsche. A rare Coug sighting indeed.

Sci-Fi Storyboard - Pencil Drawing

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Around the time I got my MFA degree, I was looking for various art jobs around the country. One of the jobs I applied for was as a storyboard artist for John Romero’s newly formed company, Ion Storm. The application required that I send in an example of a storyboard. These drawings are what I came up with for my application.

After months of without hearing anything back, I finally got a brief rejection letter. I was probably better off for it. Ion Storm became a running joke in the gaming press and the company imploded after the release of the awful game Daikatana. Weeks after my rejection, I still had not had my art materials returned to me. What followed was a prolonged back-and-forth with a guy in their HR department to try to get my original drawings back. It took forever, but I eventually manged to get the drawings back.

In hindsight, these drawings aren’t really good examples of what someone wants in a storyboard, but I really like them nonetheless. So much so, that I used the last panel as the basis for a Nonagon poster.

In order to best view the panels, click an image to open a closer view and then use the navigation within the pop-up to view the entire sequence. Hint: use the arrow keys to quickly switch images in the pop-up!

Think Pleasant Thoughts - Pen and Ink Drawing with Digital Coloring

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This is a cover illustration I did for the Chicago-based lefty magazine, Lumpen. The general theme of most of the articles in the magazine is of the “Corporations are evil” variety. In this issue, there was much about the Genoa riots against free trade.

As retarded as I think the protestors are (I mean come on… smashing the windows of businesses is going to help the world’s poor?!?) I wanted to make an image that didn’t put blame on the cops yet didn’t come across as pro-fascism. Basically we have the thoughts that are running through the heads of the cops moments before they march down on the angry protestors. It can be read two ways. I one sense it pokes fun at the seemingly insipid thoughts of the riot cops, on the other hand, these are the same thoughts that run through most peoples minds (with one violent exception) and in that sense it humanizes the cops.

Anyhow, fight the man… buy American… say no to drugs.