Sci-Fi Storyboard

Pencil Drawing, 1997

Around the time I got my MFA degree, I was looking for various art jobs around the country. One of the jobs I applied for was as a storyboard artist for John Romero’s newly formed company, Ion Storm. The application required that I send in an example of a storyboard. These drawings are what I came up with for my application.

After months of without hearing anything back, I finally got a brief rejection letter. I was probably better off for it. Ion Storm became a running joke in the gaming press and the company imploded after the release of the awful game Daikatana. Weeks after my rejection, I still had not had my art materials returned to me. What followed was a prolonged back-and-forth with a guy in their HR department to try to get my original drawings back. It took forever, but I eventually manged to get the drawings back.

In hindsight, these drawings aren’t really good examples of what someone wants in a storyboard, but I really like them nonetheless. So much so, that I used the last panel as the basis for a Nonagon poster.

In order to best view the panels, click an image to open a closer view and then use the navigation within the pop-up to view the entire sequence. Hint: use the arrow keys to quickly switch images in the pop-up!