Batman: Arkham City

PC - Rating: 9/10

I have never really been a fan of superhero comics. What I know about Batman comes mostly from the Super Friends cartoon and the 60s television series. Although I feel they are waaaay overrated by millennial geeks, the recent movies are good enough and it’s obvious this game draws from the darker tone of these films. Knowing beforehand that I would find the storyline to be as stupid as every other superhero plot, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this game. Lo and behold, it’s a really good game, and I actually didn’t mind the idiotic plot so much either. The great voice work and graphics help too.

You move around the large open-world map using the acrobatics of Assassin’s Creed but, unlike that game, you actually feel like you are doing something towards a goal. The fighting is challenging and relies on mastering your timing and button combinations. Beating a wave of foes is really satisfying.

The main story line is short, but there are a ton of side missions and puzzle-based Riddler challenges. I am not OCD enough to complete all these tasks, but they are a nice diversion if you want to jump into the game for a quick challenge. Now, I am patiently awaiting an open-world Wonder Twins game.

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