Movie Log: Alphabetical

Here’s my movie log organized by title for those of you who like alphabets.

Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why?

The movie opens with a young photographer witnessing and photographing a mob-style killing. Then, in one of the stupidest... more

Who Saw Her Die

Predictable yet watchable giallo. Ennio Morricone music gets quite repetetive even though it’s a nice theme.

The Wicker Man

Classic tale of pagan villagers. I was spoiled because I already knew the twist ending, but was enjoyable nonetheless.... more

The Wind Rises

This has to be the worst Studio Ghibli film I’ve seen. Of course it’s beautiful, but if it wasn’t... more

Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

My Adam Carolla film fest continues with this documentary about Paul Newman’s racing career. There are no amazing revelations... more

The Witch

This movie felt like a Hans Baldung woodcut brought to life. Set in a dark New England forest in the 1600’s,... more

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

On the surface, this a horror movie about a small mountain town that has been plagued with a number... more

The Woman in Black

Wait, there’s a new(ish) haunted house in the olden days movie from Hammer films? And it stars Harry Potter?... more

Women Aren’t Funny

Bonnie McFarlane’s documentary sets itself up as an investigative report into the supposed bias against women in comedy. It... more

Women in Cages

This was another grind house era women in prison movie. I suppose the twist here is that Pam Grier... more

Wonder Woman

One of the better super hero films I’ve seen. The limited scope of the plot helped center the focus... more

World War Z

Well, the book wasn’t great, but at least it was a new twist on the zombie genre. The movie... more

Wreck-It Ralph

Another “secret life of _____” CGI animated feature. In this case it’s the secret life of video game characters.... more


I recently had a late-night eBay shopping spree in which I bought blu-ray versions of several Leone Westerns. This... more

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

A heavy handed attempt at goofball comedy that fails at least 95% of the time. The makers of this... more

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key

An Italian twist on Poe’s “The Black Cat.” All the standard giallo elements are here in this better-than-average entry... more

Zero Charisma

I rather enjoyed this comedy about an angry tabletop gaming nerd who loses what little social standing he had... more

Zombi 2

Refreshingly scary zombie movie. Nice soundtrack. My DVD was broken at one point.

Zombi 3

Fulci literally phones this one in. A few interesting shots, but mostly poorly paced and horribly acted with no... more

Zombi 4: After Death

I thought it was better than Zombi 3, but not by much. More gore, and an effective opening. Paper... more

Zombi 5: Killing Birds

Absolutely horrible. It was like a student film from a C student. The overly loud sound of chirping insects... more

Zombie Genocide

Sixty minute homemade zombie film. Admirable for a bunch of Scottish undergrads, but sloppy as all get out.

The Zombie Walks

What a wonderfully goofy and fun movie. This is the first German Krimi film I have ever watched and... more


This was a somewhat refreshing take on the zombie genre with funny, Zombie Survival Guide inspired narration. The movie does come... more

Zonbi Jieitai

No-budget Japanese zombie movie with a dumb story a few good gore shots and lots of horrible iMovie-quality digital... more