Tron Legacy

Rating: 6/10

A lot of nerds were really excited by the prospect of a Tron sequel. What they all seemed to fail to take in to account was that the original Tron was a horrible bore. The sequel is, of course, a much more “exciting” film (one could argue that the T.V. Guide channel is more exciting than the original Tron). It also has all the CGI improvements you would expect from a modern film . Every frame of the digital world is a beautifully composed neon painting. However, the story is flatter than something that’s really flat and the characters are equally dimensionless. I found myself unable to follow (or care about) the action sequences: all the baddies look the same and the environments look the same There is no way to know if our heroes are really in real jeopardy when faced with generic helmeted guy #12… oh wait, that’s Tron… the guy? Who cares.

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