Turbo Kid

Rating: 7/10

In recent years there have been several attempts at making fake 80s shows, games or movies. The best of this would be something like Stranger Things and the worst is Kung FuryTurbo Kid is somewhere in the middle. It isn’t fully fueled on nostalgia and has likable characters. But there is a tinge of that weird interpretation of 80s culture that millennials often produce. The ever present neon landscape title grid is there. I don’t recall seeing that ever in the 80s unless it’s a play on the Night Flight logo? Stan Bush sings the title track. Seriously, he recorded one song for one movie! Just because you were six and highly influencable when Transformers the Movie came out doesn’t mean that Stan Bush was the soundtrack voice of the decade. Anyhow, it’s a fun movie with lots of bad gore effects and people on dirt bikes.

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