The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Rating: 9/10

On the surface, this a horror movie about a small mountain town that has been plagued with a number of murders of which many of the locals are beginning to suspect there might be a werewolf involved. But horror takes a backseat to the story of a recovering alcoholic policeman who is desperately trying to emerge from his father’s shadow and prove that he can actually accomplish something in the world besides his drunken fits of rage. Overall there is an underlying comedic tone to the grim goings on. The horror elements feel like they are happening in the background and it isn’t until the end that you realize that it has all been a carefully crafted and subtle build up of clues leading to the final climax. So subtle, that a Agatha Christie style wrap-up may have helped ring the right bells at the end. The point is moot because I would gladly re-watch this in a heartbeat.

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