The Shivah

PC - Rating: 8/10

Having finished the wonderful Blackwell series, I wanted to try some of Wadjet Eye’s other offerings. The Shivah was the company’s first foray into commercial games, but this isn’t the original version. This graphical overhaul was from 2013 and it visually matches the quality of the final Blackwell games.

The Shivah is most noteworthy for its unusual subject matter. How many other games have the player assuming the role of a mystery solving rabbi? Well, besides Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortext Strikes Back.

As far as adventure game mechanics go, this isn’t the best I’ve played. The puzzles mainly consist of clicking through dialogue trees to pick up on names and places that need to be searched out on the Internet. You’ll find yourself needing to take notes… like, actual pen-and-paper notes! I know, I know… like, who has time for that these days! However, the point of playing this isn’t for the challenge (although the final puzzle was infuriating at first, but a real a-ha moment when I realized what I needed to do). What shines here is the characters and story. The plot is not too deep, but I ended really hoping that Rabbi Stone would find the killer and, more importantly, re-discover his faith. Ew, did I just type that? Whatever, buy this game and give it a try.

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