Resident Evil: Revelations

PC - Rating: 7/10

I understand that this game was originally a Nintendo 3DS launch title. So, by the standards of portable gaming, this is not a bad game at all. However, here on the PC it seems a little behind the times and blah. This criticism is mostly about cosmetics. Unlike the bright and diverse levels of Resident Evils 4 & 5 the game seems really limited to the samey-looking hallways of a dingy cruise ship’s interior. While you would think that they could use this environment for all its worth by, say, including the listing of the ship, bursting portholes, and other aquatic mayhem. Instead it’s your standard FPS hallway levels with a little swimming here and there.

Not to say that the game isn’t fun. Although they have toned down the gore quite a bit since RE4, the tried and true over-the-shoulder shooting mechanics, wacky plots and dialogue, and weird and horrific monsters are all still there. Also, they have thankfully gotten rid of quick-time events and tetris-style inventory management. As an aside, a genetic mutation that makes your heart protrude outside of your chest does not seem very evolutionarily viable?

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