Kathy Rain

PC - Rating: 7/10

Kathy Rain is a point and click adventure which uses the same AGS engine that all the games from Wadjet Eye games use. Visually it’s as impressive as the best games in this niche. The Wadjet connection goes a little further in that all the voice over direction was done by Dave Gilbert. Unlike his games, here there is no commentary track filled with gushing praise of New York based voice actors. Thank goodness.

So, with all that said, fans of the genre will know what to expect in terms of quality and game-play mechanics. I found the puzzles to be mostly fair, although there’s a whopper of a riddle in the middle that just tested my patience. The story has a very strong beginning which sets up the primary mystery to be solved. However, as the game progresses it descends more and more into the supernatural(?) and starts to lose its impact. Maybe they are setting up a larger story arc here, but the ending just didn’t feel complete.

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