PC - Rating: 9/10

Crysis feels much more like the Far Cry sequel I wanted back when I played Far Cry 2. Once again you are dropped into a lush island paradise in which you must shoot everything that moves, including the chickens. The overall level design is fairly linear, but each set piece can be approached in many ways. I would always prefer turning on my cloak and then sneaking into a secure location before going on my shooting sprees. It’s not quite a Thief game, but this stealth system works reasonably well. And once the snooping ended, the gunfights were very fun and manageable.

The story is not terribly interesting. Like the original Far Cry there is a not-so-surprising sci-fi twist about two thirds the way through. This twist provides a nice change of environment, but fighting squid monsters just isn’t as fun as creeping through the bush to take out commies.

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