Zeno Clash

PC - Rating: 8/10

Zeno Clash brings brawling and melee combat to the FPS genre and makes it work. Whenever a game has attempted this in the past it has always been kludgey. Mirror Edge is the only game I can think of that came close (that, and maybe the boot from Duke Nukem 3-D). The fights in Zeno Clash work because the action is a little bit slower, more focused and the dodge and block mechanics require timing and skill missing in your typical button masher.

On top of this is a wildly inventive art direction in which your tribal hero meets humanoid bird creatures, giant moles, a squirrel bomber and a number of other truly imaginative enemies. The environments are a bit sparse and the creature animation can be wonky, but these technical shortcomings don’t distract much from the game play or the interesting, flashback-heavy story line.

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