PC - Rating: 6/10

Torchlight is a game that has been resting on my back-burner for a long, long time. I got it for something like three dollars during a Steam sale many years ago and played it off and on since. It’s basically an updated version of Diablo, a game which I played through once and thought was just okay. The whole concept of hack-and-slash with the goal of loot collection just doesn’t appeal to me. Without a decent story it’s just mindless clicking and inventory management.

Levels are randomly generated and your task is to click on as many monsters as possible and hit the heal button at just the right moment. It’s kinda like playing Free Cell or Minesweeper. Not much skill, just watch your health bar. That said, it’s a fine looking game and does what it’s supposed to do. I could see this as a multiplayer game (it’s not) that would allow to to chat with friends while clicking away. Like I said, it took me forever to finish this game because it just got boring after a while.

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