Memento Mori

PC - Rating: 5/10

In the above scene from Memento Mori you are supposed to trick a little, abused girl into thinking she’s your friend. The only thing that’s missing is the white panel van and sick puppy dog. Fortunately, the rest of the game isn’t quite this creepy.

Memento Mori is a relatively easy 3-D point and click adventure that feels a lot like Broken Sword. You control two characters, male and female, as you try to unravel a mystery of stolen art, ancient monastic sects and murder. The plot is slow to develop and has much the same Christian treasure hunting vibe as The Da Vinci Code. The final twist is almost worth the slow journey. Some better pacing, snappier dialogue and richer characters would have helped a lot. As it is, it is just a mildly enjoyable way to pass some time if you have a couple bucks to spare. 

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