Far Cry 4

PC - Rating: 8/10

All these Ubisoft open-world games (Assassins CreedWatch Dogs, etc.) follow the same basic formula. Main story which you can take your time completing, lots of side activities and missions, and collectible stuff that gets you nothing in the end. Each is enjoyable up to a point, but then they wear out their welcome and become tedium. But despite the flaws, I genuinely enjoy the Far Cry games. I am a sucker for the FPS/stealth mix in which you can approach any conflict from a large number of paths. Each outpost I conquer without tripping the alarms feels like a real achievement.

This is essentially the exact same game as Far Cry 3 but in an alpine environment. The story is nowhere near as engaging as that game, but it suffices. You get introduced to the eccentric baddie and then he disappears for 90% of the game. Instead, you must contend with some annoying rebels, a couple of drug smoking idiots, and a bible quoting gun runner. Of course the dialogue comes out sounding like something a high school freshman would think is cool. The radio DJ is particularly annoying. I wish you could go on a rampage without negatively affecting your karma score.

All that is moot. The real focus here is blowing up animals. Any game in which you can blast a pack of cute, cuddly dholes into oblivion with a grenade launcher is okay in my book.

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