Emily the Strange: Strangerous

Nintendo DS - Rating: 6/10

In this point and click puzzle adventure you control Emily on her quest to find her missing cats. Apparently this is based on a comic or something. It has a gothy, surreal, Edward Gorey feel to it. The most noteworthy thing about the game is this stark black, white, and red art style.

The puzzles are mostly very basic. There are maybe 4 or 5 hard number puzzles and a few unfair ones that require you to draw an exact mark on the screen to select the correct answer. Point and click inventory management doesn’t really play a part here. The closest it comes to that are the times when you have to select the correct of four cats to get past a barrier.

Thankfully the game is short and doesn’t wear out its welcome. An ideal sort of game for a portable system like the DS.

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