PC - Rating: 7/10

Billed as a first person shooter RPG, Borderlands focuses on collecting loot over story. There a lot of superficial similarity with the recent Fallout games: large open world to explore, quest-based goals and a little bit of humor thrown in. But the world of Borderlands is barren and devoid of interesting people and stories. You just get your quest marker and then go and shoot everything in your path. All the while you are hoping the next gun that is dropped will be slightly better than the one you are holding.

The game’s saving grace is its emphasis on co-operative online multi-player game-play. I played through the whole game with a partner’s help. It may have felt more like an enjoyable pastime rather than a challenging game, but as long as chat was on it was pretty fun just grinding through the cell-shaded levels with a friend. We have already moved on the Borderlands 2 (which is a much better game).

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