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One of things that the web is useful for is tracking down former acquaintances. I find myself going to a search service like Google and typing in the names of people I used to know in hopes of finding out more about what has happened to them since we last saw each other (a Google hint: type the name in quotes for more accurate results). I do this half out of curiosity and half out of jealousy over those who went on to bigger and better things. I would think that these folks, creative as they all are, became as interested in the web as myself and would have decided to make their own self-indulgent web pages like I did.

Unfortunately, most of my peers seem to have not gotten involved in making web pages. This page is my attempt at adding some of these names into the great web-indices in hopes that other folks wanting to find out more about their friends, colleagues and former classmates might hookup once again. Think of this as a mini alumni report.

If you see your name on this like and want to say hello, if I forgot to put your name on this list, or want me to link to your web site, by all means drop me a line! I will warn you that lately I have been pretty bad at getting back to people. Just keep bugging me and I will eventually remember to change the site or at least write you back. If I were smarter I would make this a fully automatic web database that each individual could update on their own. Anyhow, let the name dropping begin:

UPDATE: I am no longer maintaining this list. If you found this page, good for you, but I just keep it around for historical reasons.

University of Wisconsin

University of Illinois

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