New Website Launched!

Well, it’s official. Robert Wm. Gomez’s Pages of Fun have moved to a new, personalized domain name:! I was surprised I was able to get the .ORG domain ( has been taken for as long as I have been checking).

In addition to this new address, The Pages of Fun have been completely rebuilt from the ground up using a fancy content management system called Drupal. I’ve tried to keep the look and feel of the site as close to the previous version as possible. The most noticeable change is that the layout has gotten wider to accommodate for all of the content management tools and navigation elements of Drupal. You may also notice you favorite page is gone. I tried to move everything over, but a couple things got lost in the move. But don’t fret. Now the site is searchable!

Design tweaks aside, the new system will make updating my site so much easier for me. That MAY mean more frequent updates, and, after a decade of resisting, this site might officially become a blog! Like other bloggy sites, I now have opened areas for visitor’s comments’that could be a mixed blessing. We’ll see how many spazzes feel the need to chime in.

One more thing. I now have a proper rss feed. I will be glad to never have to hand-code XML again. Please go to rss.xml and subscribe to stay on top of the latest additions to the site.

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