The Dead Zone

Rating: 8/10

Christopher Walken’s evolution into a parody of Christopher Walken makes this a little hard to take seriously. In the end, it’s a very well crafted thriller despite the goofy premise and completely unhinged depiction of a corrupt politician.

After watching, my wife was asking about the actress who plays the female lead (Brooke Adams). I said that I think she’s the lady from Invasion of the Body Snatchers who vibrates her eyes and that’s about all I know. She then looked her up and asked, “Hey, do you know who she’s married to?” I guessed what I thought was the most random actor I could think of, Tony Shalhoub. Turns out I totally dead zone’d the correct answer. I swear I had no idea. I even went back to see if any of the suggested films on the streaming service were Monk or Wings or whatever. Nothing. This proves it. I’m psychic.

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