Ristorante DS

Digital Image, 2008

This was another contest entry like my Elevators Amiss Atari cartridge design. But, in this case, I actually won! This was for a contest sponsored by GBAtemp.net, a Nintendo hacking oriented site. They were awarding 50 some odd prizes for users who designed a skin for an Edge brand flash cart. I figured my odds would be pretty good since the majority of the interface designs would be copies of idiotic anime characters. My idea was to create a little Italian ristorante which users could navigate to get to their programs. I especially like the little icon sized drawings of food I made on the chalkboard section. In any event, I won one of the prizes which was a limited edition gold colored Edge cart. Here’s my skin in action on my DS:

Ristorante DS Running
Ristorante DS in action

The Edge cart is actually quite nice too. The media integration is very good on Edge. Pretty sturdy hardware and easy to use but not quite as robust as my M3 Real.

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  1. Congratulation!! Your skin is fantastic! Simple but Fun. Is there a place where I can find and download it? Thank you. Bye

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