Robert Wm. Gomez's

Corpuscle by Murder Inc. (5/10)


Murder Inc. is basically early 90's Killing Joke with Chris Connelly singing instead of Jaz Coleman. Without the nervous energy of Coleman the band is just sort of blah. The songs can go on too long and never really seem to go anywhere interesting.

Electrical Audio BBQ

So, 1/3 of Nonagon posts in the Internet forums of Electrical Audio and, as a result, we will be playing at the super-secret underground music festival called the Electrical Audio BBQ (or something like that) on Saturday, June 12th at 1:40pm. We are not supposed to tell anybody about it but I figure no one reads this Web site, so I will promote it here. The address is 3722 W. Chicago Ave.

This Is Egg Speaking... by Mummy the Peepshow (7/10)


An all-girl Japanese punk band that I saw at Japan Nite 2000 at the Fireside Bowl. Music varies from catchy, fun cutsey-pop (which I like) to standard, screamy eighth-grade punk (which is not as good).

Resident Evil (7/10)

Another movie that has no reason for being enjoyable, and yet I thought it was pretty good. This could have turned into a 00's running zombie crapfest but, fortunately,  plays more as a better-than-average Aliens clone.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (7/10)

This should be an awful movie. The fact that it is producted by Adam Sandler should be enough of a deterrant. But it turns out, as long as Adam Sandler is nowhere near the front of the camera, with his terrible delivery and annoying baby-talk voice, a movie has a chance to be funny. Kevin James knows how to play the title character earnestly, without the Sandler-esqe winks to the camera after every joke. The stupid premise actually works as both a parody of Die Hard or Rambo and as a goofy SNL-type character skit movie.

Battle Royale (8/10)

Another Japanese movie. This one is about a future where the only way to keep those rotten kids under control is to pick a class of forty or so 15-year-olds to battle to the death on a deserted island. The film was well-paced, entertaining and features one of my favorite actors, Beat Takshi. It could have used a quite a bit more character set up so that we actually care about (or at least can distinguish) the kids who are getting killed. Still, it's a fun, wild ride.

Uzumaki (6/10)

Japanese horror movie about a town in which the inhabitants slowly become mesmerized by uzumaki. Uzumaki translates to spirals. Mind you, this is not a metaphor or symbol. They are literally obsessed with spirals: snail shells, winding staircases, etc. Once under the power of the swirly-swirls, characters start to become suicidal, pale and ghost-like. The acting is terrible and story thing never quite makes any sense, but it might be worth watching just for some of the typical contorted Japanese-y ghouls.

Perversion Story (6/10)

A pre-gore Lucio Fulci giallo that, like most of Fulci's films, looks great with plenty of wonderful close ups and weird angles. Unfortunately the story is just plain stupid. It comes off as a take on Hitchcock's Vertigo through both the setting and the doppleganger plot device. But here, after the big reveal, there's no reason at all for the look-a-like other than to have a few scenes take place in a topless bar. The climax is presented as a news report?! Lame. Stupid. Lots of Mod-era stripteasing though!