My Movie Journal

Organized by Date Watched

As I get older I find myself forgetting if I'd seen a movie or read a book. Since 2005 I have been keeping track of everything I watch, read and sometimes listen too or play.

There is also a version of this list organized by movie title.

Title Rating Review
La Mala Ordina (Manhunt) 7/10 Well, here I go down the Eurocrime rabbit hole. The plot in this one is odd. The film starts with Henry Silva and Woody Strobe… more
The Boss 8/10 Another exciting Italian crime thriller directed by Fernando Di Leo, director of Caliber 9. All the characters are scum, even… more
Baby Driver 8/10 The concept of this movie is that all the action and camera work is scripted to go along with preexisting music tracks. That… more
Escape from New York 7/10 Another gaping hole from my 80s cinema to-do list. The premise is extremely cheesy and the execution isn't much better, but it… more
Train to Busan 7/10 Korean fast-zombie movie that is largely bloodless but manages to remain entertaining to the end. Dad takes his daughter on a… more
Bastard Swordsman 8/10 Dueling clans seek to attain the highest level of kung-fu: silkworm style. The fighter literally shoots out webs of silk and… more
The Million Eyes of Sumuru 7/10 This movie shouldn't be as enjoyable as it was, but I found myself entertained throughout. It's basically the type of 60s film… more
Demon City Shinjuku 5/10 Why is so much anime so bad? The plot is as follows: demon destroys city in epic battle, loser's son returns to city with… more
Shanghai Fortress 4/10 Alright, time to dig in to some CGI-heavy, big budget, us vs. the blue laser summer blockbuster fare from that other world… more
Machine Gun McCain 8/10 I have owned the soundtrack to Gli Intoccabili for years. The title song is one of the best themes Ennio Morricone… more
Midsommar 7/10 In the post Wicker Man world, I guess creepy European folk culture turned death-cult is now officially a horror sub-… more
Caliber 9 8/10 Caliber 9 is a highly regarded Eurocrime thriller about an ex-con who is released from prison and everyone suspects he… more
The Lighthouse 8/10 A weird, arty film about a pair of lighthouse keepers that is reminiscent of David Lynch. I'm sure there is some grand metaphor… more
L'assassino 7/10 Marcello Mastroianni is an antiques dealer who is taken in by the police, accused of murdering his lover. It's not as much of a… more
Furie 6/10 Vietnamese martial arts picture about a female kung-fu loan collector whose daughter is kidnapped and taken to Shanghai. There… more
Gangs of New York 6/10 I appreciated the 19th Century art direction, especially the hats, but it was way too long for such a simple story. Kid tries… more
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny 7/10 While I think it is a reasonably good wire-fu martial arts movie, Sword of Destiny isn't really a worthy sequel to the… more
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 8/10 As with all Tarantino movies, this is entertaining from beginning to end with tons of nostalgic details. I don't think it ranks… more
The Fog 8/10 Had not seen this one before. John Carpenter certainly knew his stuff. There's barely a movie here but it manages to provide… more
Super Inframan 6/10 If I was 9 years old this would be the greatest movie ever. It's basically the Shaw Bros. version of Spectreman. Man,… more
Frozen II 6/10 This is an animated movie about an ice princess who occasionally sings Broadway numbers. The overall message here is that girls… more
Title Rating Review
The Rise of Skywalker 5/10 This was an entertaining mess. I thought The Force Awakens was great, but it is so sad that whatever potential that was set up… more
One Cut of the Dead 9/10 Excellent Japanese zombie movie that isn't quite what it seems. Avoid spoilers and just watch this. The title refers to the… more
Mister America 7/10 If you haven't followed "On Cinema" on Adult Swim, I can't imagine appreciating this movie. If you're a fan, you will love this… more
The Horrible Dr. Hichcock 5/10 This was directed by Riccardo Freda but I wouldn't be surprised if Bava had some behind the scenes role. It's the story of a… more
Solo 6/10 Well, at least it wasn't embarrassing. The movie exists as yet another way to try to give backstory to throwaway comments from… more
Dolemite Is My Name 6/10 Entertaining but hollow biopic about the early days of Rudy Ray More as played by Eddie Murphy. It's hard to see Eddie as… more
Millennium Actress 7/10 The follow-up to Perfect Blue is downright whimsical compared to its predecessor. There are still more grown-up themes… more
Bone Tomahawk 9/10 Western with a twist that shows its hand in the first frame of the movie but you very quickly forget about it as the characters… more
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 8/10 If you read this Web site with any regularity (in reality that means nobody), you know that I am not a fan of superhero movies… more
Voices from Beyond 5/10 Well, you can generally count on Lucio Fulci for at least one fun scene in any movie he creates. The majority of Voices… more
Rosemary's Baby 8/10 This is always getting cited as one of the best horror movies ever made. I was not impressed. Yes, it's a good movie as far as… more
Ip Man 7/10 This is the "true story" of Bruce Lee's teacher, Ip Man. The WWII setting gives it some gravitas as characters live under the… more
C.H.U.D. 7/10 More 80s horror catch-up for me. I wasn't sure if this movie was so well known merely for it's clever acronym title or if was… more
Q: The Winged Serpent 7/10 A piece of 80s shlock that's much better than it should be mostly due to the excellent cast and characters. The plot involves a… more
Boxer from Shantung 8/10 A small-time hood uses his fighting mastery to become the boss of his own gang. Features a fight with a giant European wrestler… more
John Carter 6/10 A standard, post-LOTR epic movie with clashing armies and English accents. This should be a fun fish out of water tale but the… more
Twins of Evil 8/10 The late-stage Hammer vampire film tries to keep up with the times be amping up the gore and the nudity. It's nowhere near the… more
Mandy 8/10 I absolutely hated Beyond the Black Rainbow but felt I had to watch it before watching this. Mandy might be a tad over… more
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Grudge Song 6/10 The final installment in the Scorpion series is much more straightforward than the previous movies. From what I can tell, most… more
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable 5/10 A huge drop in quality for this the third Scorpion movie. Much of the visual flair is gone and the plot, which should be a… more
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 7/10 The second film in this series has the same visual flair of the first. This entry is a pretty standard prisoners on the run… more
Kwaidan 7/10 Japanese horror anthology from the mid-sixties that features beautiful surreal sets and cinematography but is very light on the… more
9/10 In the middle of the film I kind of forgot that it opens in with crazy dreamy imagery. It wasn't until it started to return to… more
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion 8/10 I guess fantastical prison movies have been a thing in Japan since long before Story of Ricky. This one is as sleazy… more
Under the Silver Lake 7/10 Apparently this is a highly divisive movie. Lots of one-star reviews and lots of five-star reviews. I liked it but I didn't… more
The Incredibles 2 8/10 Picks up right where the first movie left off with the family battling Cliff Clavin. Every bit as fun as the original but a… more
Liquid Sky 5/10 I can see why, in this time of everyone and their grandma being a cos-player, that this is a cult favorite. It's a stylish,… more
One-armed Swordswoman 8/10 This has all the trappings of a boring, low-rent "guys doing kung-fu in an empty field because the producers were too cheap to… more
Daughters of Darkness 9/10 Daughters of Darkness rivals Argento's best work from the 70s in terms of style and design. Every frame is a… more
The Shadow Boxing 6/10 A supposed sequel to The Spiritual Boxer which I've seen but never posted a review. Both movies are comedies but this… more
The Dragon Missile 7/10 Like The Flying Guillotine, the title here refers to a deadly decapitation weapon. The dragon missile is two boomerang… more
House of Traps 5/10 An average and confusing Shaw Bros. film. I guess this is a continuation of the Deadly Venoms franchise? The titular… more
Savage Streets 6/10 Sleazy revenge movie with a heavy dose of mid-eighties fashion cheese. This could be a much higher rated movie but it handles… more
Beyond the Black Rainbow 3/10 I really did not like this movie at all. I was really excited to watch it. The still frames I saw beforehand looked awesome.… more
The Wind Rises 5/10 This has to be the worst Studio Ghibli film I've seen. Of course it's beautiful, but if it wasn't for the craftsmanship of the… more
John Wick: Chapter 2 6/10 This is about on par with the first John Wick movie. Silly, fantastical world of assassins and gangsters with over-the… more
Night of the Comet 7/10 A corny, low-budget sci-fi movie that somehow I missed back in the 80s. This is the type of PG-rated horror(ish) movie that… more
Villmark Asylum 6/10 Norwegian horror movie about a group of scientists who go to a soon-to-be demolished hospital in the woods only to discover it… more
Cut-Throats Nine 8/10 This isn't a spaghetti western. It's a Spanish western. There has to be a name for that already: tapas western or paella… more
Mission: Impossible - Fallout 8/10 Pretty much a direct continuation of he previous film in the series. Lots of stunts, yadda yadda. Good twists and turns, and a… more
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation 8/10 In the first ten minutes of Rogue Nation we have Tom Cruise hanging from the fuselage on an airplane on takeoff. The… more
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 7/10 Okay, here we go to the un-numbered M:I sequels. This one was directed by The Iron Giant's Brad Bird. The… more
Mission: Impossible III 8/10 Everyone says that these Mission: Impossible movies are some of the best contemporary action movies around (besides … more
The Monster Project 7/10 Yet another found footage horror film with all the shaky camera cliches you'd expect. Despite this, I rather enjoyed it for… more
The Mighty Peking Man 6/10 Shaw Brothers attempt at a giant monster movie is pretty corny. Normally I enjoy garbage movie like this, but this one didn't… more
Snake Eyes 7/10 The story is implausible and Nick Cage is as ridiculous as ever, but the stylish direction makes this an entertaining thriller… more
La Dolce Vita 7/10 Wonderfully photographed and filled with memorable moments, but this just wasn't my cup of tea. A little too meandering for my… more
Suspiria [2018] 7/10 I'm not sure why filmmakers insist on remaking films that were already great. The original Suspiria is one of my… more
Execution Squad 6/10 A roving band of vigilantes are killing criminals left and right while the police try to track down a kidnapper. Not much… more
Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls 6/10 If you've seen my Planet Pimp Records site, then you know all about this movie. Planet Pimp regular Michael Lucas directed this… more
Flower Drum Song 6/10 A musical with no memorable musical numbers. There are a couple of nice dreamy dance moments. I think the key to a movie… more
Title Rating Review
The Man Who Would Be King 8/10 I've never used this word ever in my life, but the best description of this Sean Connery/Michael Caine adventure movie would be… more
Esther and the King 5/10 Epic Biblical story which was partially directed by Mario Bava. Joan Collins is a bride to be who is stolen from the altar then… more
A Simple Plan 7/10 Sam Raimi directed this serviceable bit of 90s noir in which a trio of Minnesota lads discover a gym bag full of cash and make… more
Basket Case 8/10 Another cult movie which I've known about forever, but never bothered to watch. I didn't expect this to be as cheap as it was.… more
The Invincible Fist 8/10 Lo Lieh plays the sword wielding bounty hunter in this Shaw Bros. film from 1969. The story is simple and the sets are limited… more
Shoot First, Die Later 6/10 Italian police thriller in which the lead cop is as corrupt as they come and yet we are supposed to root for him? Has a bit of… more
Shin Godzilla 4/10 Jeez, this one felt like sitting through a two hour school board meeting. 95% of the movie is just politicians sitting in rooms… more
The Sentimental Swordsman 7/10 The plot of this one is a bit all over the place. A swordsman with a cough returns home to visit his long time friend and the… more
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 9/10 This was a movie that we were told about in art history classes when talking about German expressionist painting. The art… more
Nosforatu 7/10 What can be said about this movie that hasn't already been said in the "Under Pressure" video by Queen. For as important a… more
Deep Star Six 7/10 The only reason I watched Deep Star Six was because I remembered the excellent box art on the tape and was intrigued… more
Human Lanterns 8/10 Not quite a horror film, but this is probably as dark and weird as a kung-fu picture will get. As the title suggests, this is… more
What Have You Done to Solange? 7/10 Don't get me wrong. I love me some 70s Italian sleeze. But this movie could have really dialed it down a bit. There is a pretty… more
Chinatown 8/10 I have finally seen this movie and I liked it. Does the Internet need another review of it? Many consider this the greatest… more
The Oily Maniac 8/10 Many of the same faces from the Black Magic movies are here for another Shaw horror "classic". Once again it's filmed… more
Killer Constable 9/10 This was a surprisingly good martial arts film that's heavy on dark tone and light on the karate. Films like this are why I… more
The Cook, Cook The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover 8/10 This movie is exactly what late 80s art movies are supposed to be. It's the very definition of style over substance. The whole… more
It Comes at Night 6/10 So, we know there's been an worldwide pandemic and it involves a nasty rash and some inky vomit. Now that that is out of the… more
Man of Iron 6/10 Set in early 20th Century, so much of this movie's tension could be solved with a gun. Instead it's a series of one-versus-many… more
Shaolin Temple 6/10 The Shaolin formula is a non-monk enters the temple seeking to learn the tools of revenge. He undergoes ridiculous challenges… more
Chopping Mall 5/10 Somewhat self-aware low-budget slasher film about killer robots in a shopping mall. With the exception of one noteworthy moment… more
The Woman in Black 7/10 Wait, there's a new(ish) haunted house in the olden days movie from Hammer films? And it stars Harry Potter? Count me in! The… more
Brawl in Cell Block 99 7/10 This was a lot like John Wick in that it depicts a fantastical version of crime movie. But Brawl is a bit… more
The Last Movie Star 8/10 I was planning on watching this eventually but then Burt Reynolds had to go off die. I bumped it to the front of my queue. It's… more
Fearless Fuzz 6/10 This has all the markings of a standard Itallian poliziotteschi, but the first third of the movie plays as a screwball comedy.… more
Annihilation 7/10 My expectations were high for Annihilation. I thought the director's previous movie Ex Machinia was one best… more
Murder on the Orient Express 7/10 This is the 1974 version, not the Kenneth Branagh handlebar mustache version. Unfortunately, I watched this knowing the ending… more
Deadlier Than the Male [1956] 8/10 No this isn't about bikini-clad assassins, this female predator is a bit more subdued. This is a French black and white film… more