Rating: 6/10

The Paul Naschy Collection II went on sale and, of course, I had to get it. I’m starting off by watching this obvious cash-in on The Exorcist in which Naschy plays a priest who is asked to help out a young girl who was in a car accident, is dating a druggy, goes to secret pagan ceremonies, and also is possessed by a demon.

As you can see, the make-up effects are pretty great, but you don’t really get to the expected writhing and cursing until the last ten minutes. Most of the build-up to the final confrontation is pretty slow and unimpressive. Sure you get to see a group of naked cultists and a snapped neck or two, however there is no real tension or suspense. I won’t say I was bored and I do love the style, but this could have used a little more effort.

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