Legendary Weapons of China

Rating: 8/10

This is a weird one. It starts off with a display of magical cloaked fighters in which two are made to kill themselves. One fighter (who I swear is a young Jackie Chan) gouges out his eyes, the other gouges out his, um… crotch. You are then shown more magical legions; the first is using voodoo power and the other is trying to block gun shots with a combination of muscle flexing and paper. The set up is crazy and you know it’s going to be great, but then it hits the breaks and focuses on an old man who can lift lots of wood. After some time the action returns with a couple of excellent sequences in which three assassins are trying to secretly take out the old guy, an out-of-place fight in which a jokester pretends to be a magical fighter, and another in which said jokester fights in a latrine controlled by voodoo. When we finally get around to the big display of the eighteen legendary weapons it’s pretty anticlimactic and boring.

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