Sandoz in Dub: Chant to Jah

Sandoz - CD - Rating: 10/10

I am not sure why Richard H. Kirk released this as Sandoz because it doesn’t really sound anything like previous Sandoz records, and, as I said in an earlier review, the man can’t settle a band name to save his life. As the title suggests, this is Kirk’s electronic take on dub reggae. The end result is fantastic. There are throbbing bass lines, disembodied Rasta voices, reggae samples and lots of digital bleeps and bloops. I have found that this a great record to play in the car during a slow drive at night in the big city. Don’t ask me to qualify that statement beyond me just saying that I once played this CD while driving late at night in the big city and I liked it. It’s a great mix of old and new sounds.

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