Digital Lifeforms

Sandoz - CD - Rating: 9/10

Since the demise of Cabaret Voltaire, Richard H. Kirk has had about a zillion solo projects all with different names. It’s a bit of a discographer’s nightmare. I’m all for the one band line-up, one name approach that Wire used (when the drummer left the band, they renamed themselves Wir). But, seriously Richard, just because you used an arpeggiator doesn’t mean you need to call yourself Arpeggio 13 or whatever. Anyhow, Sandoz’s (was he manufacturing generic medications while recording?) Digital Lifeforms stays much closer to mid 90’s Cabaret Voltaire’s sound than other Kirk solo efforts. This is dancy electronica with a laid-back feel and not quite as many distorted transmissions and found sounds one might expect from Kirk.

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