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DS i Love You - CD - Rating: 9/10

DS i Love You is actually one man, Kanji Honma, a Nintendo DSi and the excellent Korg DS cartridge. Given that credo, you might expect this to sound like your typical 8-bit video game music, but it doesn’t. While there are hints of the 8-bit aesthetic, the final product really comes across more like a gritty version of Kraftwerk, or, more appropriately, Yellow Magic Orchestra. This is a very good thing. DS i Love You is so much more interesting than most of the DJ driven electronica that gets churned out these days. Unlike those knob-twisting posers, Honma places song structure and melodic phrases over loops and beats. It’s amazing the sounds he comes up with given the limitations of his medium. Most excellent. I can’t wait until is second Christmas album gets released here in the States.

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