The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics

By Michael Malice - Rating: 9/10

Malice takes a break from trolling to clarify what exactly “The New Right” is. The dear readers are guided through the intellectual roots of the movement, meme culture, college campus provocateurs, and eventually to the icky, extreme fringes of the alt-right. The focus isn’t so much on the personalities as it is on the ideas and factions within the movement. The only thing that seems to unite them all is a shared hatred of progressives and “The Cathedral” (the progressive strongholds within universities and the press). There is plenty to agree with on the more moderate side of the new right, but towards the end of the book we are introduced to some pretty despicable viewpoints and, thankfully, Malice pushes back hard in his interviews and commentary. Still, his subjects are all treated fairly which allows the ideas—good, bad and awful—to speak for themselves.

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