Bruegel: The Complete Graphic Works

By Maarten Bassens - Rating: 9/10

I still chuckle every time I read the name Hieronymus Cock. Maybe I’m just an immature fool, but Hieronymus is a really goofy name. He’s mentioned a lot here in the many essays about Bruegel and his work at the Aux Quatre Vents publishing house. Each gives a bit of insight into this legendary painter’s graphic output and some of the commercial motivations behind the designs.

But, let’s face it, the reason you get this hefty coffee table book is to impress your art historian friends with the beautiful reproductions of Bruegel’s prints. The images are big and there are plenty of zoomed-in details as well. It’s just like being in the KBR print room but without the stupid rules about not drinking orange Fanta while browsing the flat files.

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