The Muppets

Rating: 8/10

Generation X’ers like myself tend to have a bit too much nostalgia towards The Muppet Show and the first couple Muppet movies. Sure they had their moments, but we tend to forget just how much of that stuff was just stupid hippy puppeteer self-indulgence. That said, as far as kids movies go, this sure beats the hell out of Space Chimps or Chipwrecked! There are plenty of Kentucky Fried Theater style sight gags and moments of self-aware parody to keep both parents and kids  entertained. The plot really tugs hard at the nostalgia angle to the point where eighty percent of the movie is just depressing and down-beat. Still, the film manages to entertain and provide laughs between the attempts at conveying emotion in a puppet frog via strange hand-driven head pulses.

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