Road Hard

Rating: 7/10

I used to listen to Adam Carolla’s podcast pretty regularly but stopped around the time Alison Rosen was unceremoniously let go from the show. Her firing wasn’t the main reason for abandoning the show, but it seemed like a good breaking point. An OCD collector’s attitude and an hour-and-a-half long daily podcast make for a huge time commitment from which I needed to free myself. In any event, I still wanted to see Adam’s crowd-funded movie, Road Hard. If you are familiar with Adam’s rants none of the jokes or gags will surprise you. Fortunately, there’s a decent story to hang the schtick on and I was never bored even though I knew the material. It’s not the slickest film around (there are some awkward tonal choices in the middle) and would have probably benefited if it were helmed by a more seasoned comedy director, but, as it is, it was enjoyable.

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