Rating: 8/10

I am a crowd supporter for Penn Jillette’s upcoming Director’s Cut movie and the story goes that Penn watched this movie and immediately sought out the director Adam Rifkin for a movie he had brewing in his head. The result, Director’s Cut, is poised to be the ultimate meta-movie, filled with found footage and movies-within-movies (I hope it turns out awesome). Look is a found footage movie that’s a tour de force of editing as a story telling device. The premise is that the movie is made up entirely of surveillance footage. There are three or four disparate story lines going on that eventually meet at the end. I thought it was going to be more of a commentary on surveillance culture, but the use of found footage is more of a thematic and stylistic device than a key plot point. And, while it takes a while to hook you in, once the stories start to pick up it’s pretty riveting.

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