Hercules Unchained

Rating: 7/10

Aside from the incredible Hercules starring Lou Ferrigno, I have not seen many of these Italian swords and sandals epics. This one, however, was on my checklist of Mario Bava projects that I need to watch as I have been making my way through Tim Lucas’s book, All the Colors of the Dark. Although only credited as the cinematographer, I think Bava actually directed much of this (haven’t gotten that far in the book yet). Even if he didn’t, his style is all over the place. The film is awash in beautiful colored lighting and filled with great sets and effects. I have not seen enough of these types of films to know if this is a better example of the genre, but I found myself a little bored by much of the story. A plan on watching more, so my opinion of this film may improve with time.

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