Drag Me to Hell

Rating: 8/10

As a horror director, Sam Raimi is best known for the oft quoted but overrated Army of Darkness and the much better Evil Dead II. Although it was put to great use in his first two Spiderman movies, his frantic, comic-book style of filming has been adapted by just about every big budget summer filmmaker most of the time with horrible results. I was glad to see him return to horror on a smaller scale and, for the most part, liked the film. The movie, not unlike Evil Dead II, isn’t even remotely frightening, but it filled with lots of fun jump-scares and plenty of gross-out moments (mostly involving icky stuff touching character’s mouths). My biggest complaint is the lame use of CGI for a few gore effects. C’mon don’t waste your time with a nerd tooling around in Maya 3-D. Just go to your local Greek butcher, get some lamb’s eyes and Kero syrup and splatter away.

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