Some Yamaha DX100 / DX27 Synth Patches

I’ve owned a Yamaha DX100 synthesizer for decades and never really had a strong grasp as to how the heck you build sounds with it. The last few months I have been immersing myself in FM synthesis and I think I finally have a handle on the concept now. Here is set of twenty-four patches that I created:

They all sound better and less brittle with a little reverb and chorus, but you get the idea. I especially like “Astro Pong” and “LoocySynth”. If you like what you hear, you can download a .WAV file of the cassette dump and load these patches on to your DX100/27 via the cassette port hooked to your PC. Just make sure your PC’s volume is turned way up or the DX won’t hear the data stream.

UPDATE: I have finally saved these patches as sysex files (see below). Here is information on loading sysex on to a DX100 (also contains separate sysex files for each of the individual patches).

6 thoughts on “Some Yamaha DX100 / DX27 Synth Patches

  1. Thank you very much!
    But do you mind to send me the SOLID BASS .syx or .sysx. please?
    I’m looking for a genuine data from a genuine Yamaha DX100 device for years.

  2. Hi, I too have recently gone back to my DX27 after a couple of decades. Having connected to my PC using MIDI I have been downloading SysEx files. However I am interested in bulk uploading from an archive of voices I have created in Excel. Only thing is I cannot find anything explaining how to calculate the check-sum for the DX27. Is this something you have come across at all.
    Thanks for the voices you have created.

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