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In case you haven’t noticed, I maintain a little site that pays homage to Planet Pimp Records, the greatest record label ever. That site, unlike this one, is not built on a fancy content management system so visitors have no way to leave comments for others to read. In order to fix this, I’ve created this page as the official comment area for my unofficial Planet Pimp tribute site. So start commentating commentators!

20 thoughts on “Planet Pimp Comment Thread

  1. Amazing website! Thank you so much for preserving the legacy of Planet Pimp records in such a detailed manner.

    Back in the day, I loved all of their marketing “extras.” I bought the Go-Nuts coffee mug, button set, etc. One of my orders contained a big, full color Go-Nuts poster (the shot of them outside of Weight Watchers). Unfortunately, I misplaced it…. I’ve been trying to locate another copy, but have been unsuccessful. If anyone has one, please get in touch.

    1. Hey! You’re back!
      I remember back in the days of the original site we exchanged a few messages. I ran the Furball website which came out of Moral Sense fanzine. I still have my signed Sven Erik Geddes 10×8 and colour Go-Nuts poster (sorry, Clay, it has pride of place in the spare room). Nice to see you’re back. Now, let’s see some more stuff, eh?

    1. I finally got around to listening to the Podcast interview and I enjoyed it very much (I am now a subscriber). Hearing Lucas talk reminds me just how much irreverant fun is missing from most of the music and musicians I hear these days (myself included). I miss Planet Pimp.

  2. linked yer goddamn tribute
    linked yer goddamn tribute site to this thread on the garagepunk hideout:

    yer welcome!

  3. D’Lana and Dale Watson at Ginny’s Little Longhorn

    I found a copy of Good Tyme Jhambhoree at a local junks store in Austin. I bought it for the cover, not knowing ANYTHING about the label or the music. You see, Dale Watson’s bass player and I have been swapping records with “strange” covers. Recently he brought me a Colonel Sander Christmas Record…!!

    I thought I had him topped with this one, so I brought it with me to Ginny’s Little Longhorn, in Austin TX. Dale hosts a game of Chicken Shit Bingo every Sunday at Ginny’s..Now the bass player was at a loss for words, BUT when Dale Watson saw it, he said ” I just saw this girl….OVER THERE!!” Dale grabbed the record and walked up to the gal and said, “You look a lot like this gal on the cover here…” She turned pale and said..”Where did you get that?” Dale pointed ant me and said, “Him.” What are the odds of this, I thought?? Pretty far out!! Well long story short, D’Lana introduced herself and said she was originally from Dento Tx ( I think..). She said she was a pinup model in the 80’s and 90’s and was flown out to San Francisco for hese shoots for Planet Pimp. D’Lana was VERY sweet and nice, signed my record and I bought her some Lone Star beers. I have seen her a few more times at Ginny’s and she is always so nice and sweet.

  4. L.Winter and Mummies
    If I remember well,it does exist another pressing,in gold vinyl…But I have to go in my attic and open boxes to check it out….
    Used to buy their production in the nineties,but I missed the last two.

    The PP releases were obtainable also at Neurotic Shop Folsom street S.F.
    a long vanished cool shop!

    Didier H,Belgium

    1. I don’t know either. I always just assumed it was an elderly relative of Sven or Michael Lucas but that’s probably not the case. I’ve added a call for help on the page. Maybe someone will come across it and provide some clarity.

    1. I own copies of each of those but I don’t really know why they are on their own label. Maybe they were a joint effort with David Nudelman (I suspect much of what David Nudelman does is a ‘joint’ effort if ya know what I mean). The 7″ is fun because David explains the stories behind each song and the 3 Stoned Men LP is also a very fun record (but I may like ‘Smells Like the Big Time’ better).

  5. I think it was 1993, when my friends and I were wandering around downtown Gainesville, Florida. We weren’t old enough to drink so I’m not sure what our plan was. Then we saw these guys in old Star Trek uniforms getting out of an old VW van carrying instruments. One of them said to us: “Hey guys, we’re in a band, come check us out!” Instantly we were sold, and ended up watching Thee Shatners play in the old Hardback Cafe. All surf rock songs with a Star trek theme, complete with a William Shatner cut-out on the stage and occasional monologues by the singer explaining why the old series was way better than The Next Generation. One of the most memorable shows I have ever seen. Years later I got the CD & vinyl off the internet (along with the Go-Nuts).

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