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Replaying Nox, Again

I have never bothered to create a top-ten list of my all-time favorite video games. Maybe I should since it seems the only way to get people to read your Web site is to organize everything into numbered lists. In any event, were I ever to compile such a list Nox would be somewhere in the top five for me.

After a recent upgrade to Windows 10 (excellent by the way), I was going through and making sure all my treasured old programs still worked. In the process I booted up my GOG.com version of Nox and noticed it had some issues. After much searching and fruitless forum posting I finally found a…

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IIGS Memory Fail

4meg RAM

Apparently there is something wrong with my IIgs. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Briel Computers (a small company dedicated to making retro computer kits) put their 4 meg Apple IIgs RAM card on sale on eBay. My IIgs runs pretty well, but I that extra 2.8 megs of RAM would make things run a lot better (it would be nice to have more than 5 windows open in Finder without getting memory warnings). I clicked the "Buy it now" button and waited patiently for my card to arrive so I could supercharge my nerditude. Well, when the card came I carefully installed it and powered up the Apple II. At…

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Imaging My IIgs Personal Data Disks

Apple IIgs Floppy Disk Images

This evening I took the time to archive all my old Apple IIgs floppies. This is something I have been meaning to do since I got my CFFA3000 card. I have been pretty lucky in that, having been told since the early nineties that floppy discs will just disintegrate over time, all of my disks are in good shape and I have never had one fail on me. But I know it will eventually happen, and probably soon. Ripping floppies to disc images on the CFFA is a piece of cake. Each of these discs took about 3 minutes to pull down onto a thumb drive as a .PO disk image. The most difficult part of the…

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Haunted House Text Adventure



One of the more popular pages on this site is my guide to coverting Apple ][gs disk images into real, working ][gs floppies. In order to ease this process and bring some life back to my old computer, this year I splurged and bought a CFFA3000 for my birthday.

CFFA3000 is an expansion card for the Apple 2 series of computers that allows you to use a standard USB flash stick or compact flash card as a storage media for all your Apple ][ disk images. Now you can take a standard Apple disk image, such as a .2MG, .DSK or .PO file, and save it to a USB stick. The USB stick can then be plugged into…

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Romantic Fish Eating

The Italian thriller Death Walks on High Heels is not terribly noteworthy even within the tiny cinematic sub-genre of giallo. There is, however, one scene in the movie that does jump out like a breaching marlin. It is the only film that I know of that sexualizes the eating of a grilled fish dinner.

Death Walks on High Heels - The Fish Seller

Nothing foreshadows an evening of passionate romance like a cart of dead fish.

Death Walks on High Heels - Griller's Blend

The flames of love have erupted beneath a pile of gnarly meat and scales.

Death Walks on High Heels - Plate of Fish

That's right, no silverware required. The best way to appreciate good food is by touch.

Death Walks on High Heels - The Fish Eater

Next step, start ramming globs of flaky white meat into…

Phineas and Ferb: Make it Stop!

At times an issue emerges of such great importance that I feel compelled to take a stand in hopes of bettering our world and insuring the continuation of our species. I am speaking, of course, of the destructive influence of the Disney Channel cartoon, Phineas and Ferb. Children seem to love this show. That is understandable because what are children other than smaller, stupider versions of adults (with blemish-free skin). What surprises me is the number of adults who claim to like the show. I feel it is time for us adult television consumers of taste to stand up for quality cartoon…

Beautiful Agony: The Many Faces of Lou Ferrigno

Luigi Cozzi's Hercules is one of the greatest movies ever made about bear punching. Part of what really sells the bear punching in this film is the pure rage depicted in the facial expressions of the movie's star, Lou Ferrigno. In order to demonstrate this, I have compiled some best stills from the movie for your browsing enjoyment. Note the vein-popping fury shown here as Mr. Ferrigno enters his fugue state of uncontrollable ferocity.

Lou Ferrigno IS Hercules!!!

Fully enraged, let the bear punching begin! 

Lou Ferrigno IS Hercules!!!

Lou Ferrigno IS Hercules!!!

There's only one place for the likes of you... SPACE!!!

Lou Ferrigno IS Hercules!!!

Raaarrrrr! Die erector set…

Images from Lucio Fulci's Conquest

Lucio Fulci's Conquest - Laser Arrow
The faceless LASER-bowman who threatens Ocron in her writhing sleep.

Lucio Fulci's Conquest
That symbol on my head means I have no friends, only enemies... and the friends you will meet in the next reel.

Lucio Fulci's Conquest
Random innocent killed so our heroes can steal his food.

Lucio Fulci's Conquest
The movie appears to have been filmed in smoke-o-vision.

Lucio Fulci's Conquest
Okay, I have to admit these cobwebbed zombie ghouls are pretty cool. Read my micro-review of the film.

Modern Movie Zombies Suck

A dorky cutesy zombie. Leave it to Generation-Y2K to take something that was once cool, convert it into a stupid Internet meme, and ruin it for everyone. They are doing it to zombies just like they did it to Rick Astley, bacon and pirates. Well, pirates were never cool, and that whole "talk like a pirate day" crap was never even mildly funny, but you get where I am coming from. It's been thirty-plus years since George Romero defined the zombie genre in film with Night of the Living Dead and what do we have? People dressing up in rags and pancake makeup and running 4K zombie fun runs, zombie themed weddings, zombie…