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Supercollider - CD - Rating: 10/10

Supercollider is my favorite band from the nineties that no one seems to know about. I found about them after reading a short interview in Flipside (Nov. 1991) where they were described by their use of sequencers and guitar. I was intrigued and bought their CD, Dual, not knowing exactly what to expect. I slowly fell in love with it and eventually got my hands on this, their first CD.

I had never heard any band that quite sounded like them before or since. They make heavy use of looped samples of guitar noises, sparse drums and Joy Division-esque vocals on top. Despite the electronic underpinnings, they are very much a guitar band and much more atmospheric than say the thump-thump of an industrial band from around the same time. The minimalism (this is much more sparse than Dual) and repetition might grate on some people’s ears but I get lost in the music every time I listen to this CD.

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