The Meadowlands

Wrens, The - CD - Rating: 8/10

I got this CD as a gift from my brother several years ago. I understand why he got it for me. It sits firmly in the land of “emo” music that he enjoys so much and it was considered a bit of a masterpiece of its kind. I’m not so big into the whole “emo” thing. It can tend to drift a little to close to James Taylor and teary-eyed singer/songwriter folk music that I despise. However, despite being peppered with a couple sappy bro-jamz, The Meadowlands has enough standout rockers to elevate it. “Happy” and “Hopeless” are the two big standouts and I tend to stop the CD once the latter finishes. I will sometimes stick around for “Faster Gun,” but that’s about all The Wrens I need.

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