The Golden Band

American Analog Set, The - CD - Rating: 10/10
American Analog Set - The Golden Band

Admittedly, I was originally drawn to this band because of the cover of their first album, The Fun of Watching Fireworks. Seeing the Farfisa organ, I figured they some sort of garage-rock revival or lounge/exotica band. Turns out I was wrong, but not disappointed with what I heard. AmAnSet plays soft, dreamy pop songs. The organ and various percussion parts keep the music from descending into cheesy slacker-rock cliches. Many of the tracks have a trippy, repetitive structure with just enough subtle variety to hold the listener’s interest. The Golden Band is the band best work. Songs flow nicely from one to the other, and plenty of lyrical hooks within the low-key vocal parts. I could see how the repetition could put off some listeners, but for me it simply draws me deeper into to music.