Star Wars: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

John Williams - CD - Rating: 7/10

Star Wars kinda soured on me in the early 00’s. Yeah, the prequels sucked, but even worse for me was the explosion of fandom and extended universe what-nots. From release of the first movie up until around the time the special editions came out, Star Wars was limited and distilled down mostly to those first three movies. Any trickle of new content was a joy and this soundtrack felt special. It was like being able to watch the film anywhere as scenes would replay in my mind with every musical passage. But now, with the marketing deluge, even the most minor tracks on this CD feel like I’m watching a Taco Bell commercial. Trying to hear past that, I can say that the music is pretty incredible in the way it tells the story and defines the characters (even though it is very much a reworking of Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”).

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