Music That You Can Dance To

Sparks - CD - Rating: 8/10

Technically this CD is titled The Best of Sparks: Music That You Can Dance To. I imagine that horribly misleading title is due to some rights issue with the label or distributor. In any event, Music That You Can Dance To was the sparks returning to the more dance oriented sound they had back when they collaborated with Giorgio Moroder in the late seventies. The music is very much a product of its time with the digital technology that was available to them. The songs have a Theme from Miami Vice feel. For the most, when combined with Ron’s quirky song structures, this works rather well. “Change” ranks up there with the band’s best songs. “Figertips” and “Rosebud,” on the other hand, are terrible almost being embarrasing. Still, I’m surprised at how much I still like this CD, especially knowing the train wreck which was to follow it.

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