Killington Lost

Killington Lost - CD - Rating: 10/10
Killington Lost

This was the last band my brother was in before he left college. Great walls of guitar sound mixed with quiet parts. I am playing a little theremin on one of the tracks. I guess nowadays this might be called emo music, but this was a bit before all that. My brother went on to be a defense attorney, Patrick still plays in bands up in Madison, and Nathan was a founding member of the Chicago band Chinup Chinup. I don’t know what happened to the bassist. They have a MySpace page still!

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  1. I booked a show for these guys in Peoria, IL back in high school. Does your brother still have any cd’s or vinyl laying around to sell? I think I remember his name was Greg? It was almost 20 years ago, so I could be wrong on that.

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